Good questions:

Where can I buy your artwork?

You can buy it directly from me.

Contact me through my “contact” page, or the form below.


I take credit cards, I ship UPS.

 And I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee!

Are you showing with a gallery?

Not at this time.

How can I see your newest artwork?

As new things happen – including new art, I post them to my social network: – Here, I blog about things directly related to my artwork. – Arts related: News-Events-Friends. – A place to collect Eye-Candy! – Behind-the-Scenes snapshots.

Is it easy to ship this artwork?

For you? – Very easy.

For me? – well, I have to build a crate – but that’s easy!

Shipping price depends on the size, weight, and distance.

I prefer UPS.

Do you take commissions?

Generally, no.

I’ve taken a lot of commissions over the years,

but right now, I’m just following the muse where she takes me.

Can I use these images, or writing?

I encourage you to forward these images on social networks like: Pinterest, Facebook, etc.

as long as you include this copyright notice: 

©2019 Ken Mattson

This, limited, personal sharing of my artwork is welcome of course – Thank you!


Please contact me if you’d like to reproduce my writing in any way.


Using these copyrighted images or text for commercial purposes – (to make money from) – is not acceptable.

Why do you paint on shaped canvases?

Rectangles are nice – they don’t distract from the painting.

But how can you look at that shape and not want to mess with it?

I shape them to evoke specific feelings.

The points, the curves, the splinters, all move me in different ways.

You know what else?  –  When I paint, it feels like I’m actually making the object – I want it right there in the room with me.

Taking away the rectangle helps that.

Why do you carve into them?

Because painting just isn’t enough – I have to get more physically involved.

Those carved lines are like cutting into flesh, they’re like actually participating in the movement going on.

Even when I draw, I’m very physical – you can’t believe the the amount of leads I break.

Future plans?


There’s a long ways to go with these oil paintings, I’m curious where they will take me – that’s my focus.

I also have a stack of drawings waiting to be explored through woodblock prints.

I plan to bring those two mediums – (oil painting and printmaking), into one cohesive body of work.


At some point I want to paint a series of watercolors that keep going through my head – I can almost taste them!

And then there’s a body of work in stained glass that keeps calling – we’ll see.


There’s more of course… but that’s enough for now.

Can I buy them all?

Yes, you may – (seriously).


This is a partnership – I can’t do this without you.


Thank you for leaving comments, for repining on Pinterest, for sharing me with your friends.


And thank you to all my collectors.


If you have other questions, contact me:

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