At heart, I’m a sculptor – (that would rather paint).




Using oil paint on wood panels, I invent sculptures and place them together in settings – where they can breathe and interact.


As stories emerge, I think of new objects to add to the mix,


my process is a dialog, an idea machine.




When painting, I hope to create a sort of incarnation of the objects themselves.


I find shaping the wood “canvases” helps that.


The carved lines, expressing emotion for me, movement, and energy, are a vital part of  both the process and the finished piece – that important physical engagement I look for in art.


I love wailing away with those sharp chisels!




Ideally, when I paint,


my intention is to go into my studio alone and be totally present and alive to my visceral body, and the buzzing in my mind – fully immersed in my intuition.


I pull out the stories, emotions and images running around inside and set them together, combine them – to see what they say about each other.


“Making art” is compressing  that activity into an art object – that others can unpack and experience in their own way, on their own time.




I think good art satisfies on several levels.

 First, I want it to move me,

in the way that music does – sensually.

Then, over time, as I live with these objects, day to day, I like the way that new ideas open up.

My aim is to make and live with visual poetry.







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