That is, if you listen.


At nineteen years old, my girlfriend was cheating on me.
I chose not to believe the signs, but in my gut, things just didn't add up.
I was working in glass at the time, and ran across a photo of an aboriginal petroglyph.
This drawing from thousands of years ago captured me,

compelled me into dialog.

Taking a sheet of  kidney colored glass, I worked the images into the surface - not knowing why - just trusting the muse, then set it aside and went on with other work.


There it laid for several weeks, watching me… Meanwhile, the lies twisted their knot inside.


One day it was too just much - working alone in the studio with thoughts racing around my head,
I finally admitted to myself that I was being betrayed - there was no other possibility.
I remember standing there taking it in -
(just enough to believe it, not enough to really feel it) - but no longer ignoring my heart.


At that moment,

I heard three sharp "pings",
(glass workers know this unique sound when glass snaps),
looking over at that glass with the aboriginal drawing etched into it's surface, I saw it fall into pieces!
I know now those figures were my inner  fears, wanting attention - asking to be heard.
The moment I listened to their awful news, the tension in the glass was released - and their job was done.

 Quite amazing.


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