It's so natural and freeing to wildly express.


(Watch children at play) Humans have an added gift - we're creators, we love to invent - it's our glory!

But as they say: "with every gift comes a curse".

And as an artist, I run into it every day - On the one hand there are huge pleasures in exploring and inventing new things,

while on the other, it's not so fun when the art doesn't live up to my vision.


Yet good judgement is part of the inventing process.

I have to remind myself that paintings don't really "fail" - there's just still more inventing to do before it's done!


We can make art like animals - with little to no thought - good emotional release,

or, like a child - playing with small ideas - but with wonderful invention thrown in,

or we can make art like grown humans: wrestling with tougher questions, reaching beyond ourselves,

and attempting to create things of lasting value,

(accepting that some inventions will take a lot longer than expected!)


I need to keep doing all three, they're all good in their way.

And just like the animal pleasures enliven child's play, both of those fuel and enrich the more serious art.

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