Eye Candy - it's so addicting!

So tasty.

And there's more of it than ever.


I guess I've seen more pictures in the last few years than some people, just a few decades ago, saw in their entire lifetime. 


But too many pictures, and they all seem to blend.

Ever get one of those tiny little scoops of green tea ice cream 

at the end of your meal in a japanese restaurant?

Soooo amazingly delicious!

And then there's the "dessert island" at the casino buffet  - five pies, three cakes, four flavors of ice cream, frozen yogurt, candy toppings, a chocolate fountain and as much hot fudge as you can pour down… 

It all looks good,

at first...


 How many people do you know that can spend more than a few moments in front of a good image?

With all our gains, maybe we're loosing something.


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