In my story, 
I was seduced by a woman who was in love with another man. 
Because she carried my child, we married.
20 years later, her man came back around - and after their long affair, she told me that she was never mine - that her body belonged always to him.

So when I was single again, though love was so surprising, so appealing, like water in a desert... 
I was not ready for it - it was agonizing - the risks were terrifying.

On day, while drawing with a burnt stick,

  • extending emotions through hand and fingers 

  • loving my muse, feeling complete, 

  • I stopped and made a vow...

  • I ate that charcoal, then promised to never allow any woman to get in the way of my drive to make art - with that, I felt safe.

Later, when dating my future wife, Barb, I told her what I had done - that I had married my muse and I didn’t know where that might take me, that she would always be the frosting, but never the cake - that I wanted the same for her... to follow her muse.

That’s why Barb and I are so happily married - we give each other wings. (And... Barb is awesome). #marriedtothemuse

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