Can you imagine being stuck in a place, governed like China,
Where the ruling elite are building a “Perfect Society”...
Where they track your every move to “score” you by
How much you exercise, 
How polite you are, 
Where you shop,
What you say on social media... 
then use that score to determine what job you are allowed to aspire to, 
Where you can travel...
Whether or not the police are sent out to educate you on “proper practices”?
Feel that for a minute - live under those rules in your mind.
Independent thinking,
unsanctioned art making and writing, is not allowed there.
Spiritual practices are punished there.
Think like Xi Jinping, or don’t think at all.
Because there are so many people like Xi Jinping in the world (and here in our country too).
just looking for the opportunity to force their idea of a “perfect world” on the rest of us, 
It seems like a good idea to actively dismantle institutions, government agencies and corporations that grow too powerful... the “good” ones along with the “bad”... Keep it small, local, (accountable) - because power corrupts.

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