It always takes time to get that wonderful idea that's in your head, out into paint.


Often a painting gets to a point where, I'm done with it, I've put in a lot of hours and it's looking really good - certainly salable… but I know it's not done yet. It doesn't fascinate me enough. It needs more time.
So I'll set it aside, let it simmer... days or months later, with new eyes, I know just what to do. Sometimes, it's just a stroke or two.


But often, it requires major surgery - and that "good" painting will be lost in the process, with no promise a better one will emerge - pretty scary. 

So I tinker around the edges for a bit, hoping to avoid that fate - which rarely leads me anywhere. Finally though, I just get sick of looking at it as it is, I trust my gut and jump in with both feet - taking the ride where it goes.  


Though you've painted every stroke, it's still possible to create something that's surprising - even to you - something to marvel at, and learn from. That's the prize!

All it takes is time.

How about you - what's your experience?
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